3 strategies in forward test.

(The curves shown are backtest simulations and may or may not be indicative of real-world performance. That's where forward testing comes in, which means testing the strategy in realtime after it has been optimized for historical data.)

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Completed trading campaigns:


August 2023:
-31.5% LOSS 😑

(Shiny new LDO mean reversion strategy sadly just didn't work. Subsequently produced strategies also failed spectacularly.)

July 2023:
+3.5% PROFIT in 20 days 🙂

(Excuse for small profit: I was busy with a day job.)

June 2023:
+16.5% PROFIT in 26 days 🥳

(And we had even higher temporary profits — over +50% at the peak! )



Elephant Strategy (XRP)

Robust long-term strategy with up to 80% win rate

Strategy Stats

Profit/Drawdown Ratio > 700%
Currently profitable? Yes
Profitable since January 2022 or earlier
Trades per week 2
Coin Ripple

SC Reversal Strategy (MATIC)

A thing with a thing (I think)

Strategy Stats

Profit/Drawdown Ratio > 300%
Currently profitable? Yes
Profitable since April 2023 or earlier
Trades per week 3.5
Coin Polygon