Mad Track 2023

Published on 26 July 2023 at 01:27

July 26th 2023, Thursday. Captain's log

Introducing: The Mad Track 2023

Alright, we are past July campaign, and August campaign hasn't started - for reason of it not being August -, so what is there to do?

Well, start another crazy experiment of course! We take the last cash we happen to have and unleash two profitable strategies on it (Elephant and SC Reversal). Both cranked up to very high risk. It's a piece of art (performance art?) and I'm calling it:

The Mad Track.

This one is a game for the patient. The Long Con. It does not win daily, but it wins big.

We may in fact see drawdown (temporary losses) of 80% or even more.

But I believe we will ultimately see significant account growth, averaging above 50% per month.

The Mad Track is starting right now, July 26th, with an equity of exactly $32.60.

Update July 27th
Mad Track made $7 in profit within the first day. Couldn't have gone any better!
Then, however, we switched to a different strategy which seems even more promising (yes, it's the magical new potion for LDO).

Check current trades here.

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