The Failed Strategy

The Shooting Star That Crashed... (July 27 2023, edited September 17 2023)

A. Base Version

The idea is Mean Reversion

(price returning to the mean)

Backtest for July 2023

Strategy Stats

Conceivable monthly profit > 700% according to forecast
Currently profitable? Very likely
Profitable since 14 fricking days (July 13)
Profit Factor 1.8
Winrate 68%
Trades per day 2 to 3
Coin Lido DAO
Trade direction Alternating longs & shorts
Trade coverage >90%
Forward testing since July 26 2023

B. Souped-Up Versions

Interestingly, we now have a strategy that is fundamentally similar in idea, but much simpler and, quite importantly, actually profitable. Stay tuned!